Conscious Transition

Our role is to guide you through the alchemy of conscious transition. We enable you to discover a new potential future and provide you with the platform to make it happen by applying disciplined process for extraordinary results.

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About Alquemy

Alquemy is an organisation that develops and runs inspiring workshops and unique retreats in beautiful settings to help awaken and release the full potential within people.

We are a group of highly experienced coaches and facilitators who have come together to create Alquemy. Our aspiration is to help people at a turning point in their life to see what is possible and to empower them to bring about the change they want.

Our purpose is to help people fulfil their biggest aspirations while enhancing their ability to adapt to the speed of change in today’s world.

“We all need to do this type of work. We just don’t know it until something wakes us up. Once we start to engage with the excitement of our own potential, the work can begin and the magic can happen.”

Coaching & Community

A workshop is an incredibly powerful way of opening to new ideas and setting new patterns. However, it can be difficult to maintain the change momentum on your own. So many of our clients continue to work with one of our guides after the workshop to maintain momentum. Personal coaching is a reliable support system to help fulfil your biggest aspirations and to fully embody the insights and changes that you identified during the workshop.

After you have participated in one of our workshops, you might like to join our community as a way of keeping in touch as you progress along your new path. Many people who have attended an initial Empowering Change workshop come back to take part in further workshops to extend and expand their conscious transition.