Head, Heart and Intuition

The Gift Of Being Present

‘Close your eyes, notice your thoughts, notice the moments between those thoughts. You are truly present in the moment between your thoughts.’  The gift of being present: right here, right now Have you ever been physically somewhere but your mind is somewhere else? Do you find yourself in a conversation when you aren’t really listening…

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Inside Out Teaches Us About Emotions

This animated flick is perfect for explaining the complicated topic of emotions to everyone—young and old. By Jennifer Wolkin, July 28, 2015 Inside Out revolves around the life an 11-year old girl named Riley, who is moving across the country with her family. At such an impressionable age, a move is a huge transition, and she…

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Daniel Goleman on Intuition

Great executives often talk about leading from the gut. Indeed, having good instincts is widely recognized as an advantage for a leader in any context, whether in reading the mood of one’s organization or in conducting a delicate negotiation with the competition. Leadership scholars characterize this talent as an ability to recognize patterns, usually born…

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