Strategies for working with the Inner Critic

Simply observe with mindfulness – without identifying with the thoughts
Naming the judging thought – ‘judging, judging’

Speaking your own truth
‘Ow that hurts’ ‘I don’t like that’
Shift attention from the judgment to your own felt experience

Breaks identification and seriousness of judgments
‘Wow, I never knew that, that’s really interesting, anything else to add?’
Dress your judge up with an old-fashioned judges wig!

Embraces the critique fearlessly – supports disengagement
‘Yes, that’s right, I am the worst leader in the world!’

Agreement – Tai Chi move
Acknowledge content without accepting the negative evaluation
Judgment needs resistance to fight against
‘Oh thank you, that’s really helpful’

‘Oh really, anything else left to say?’

Challenging the authority of the judge
‘Who are you to judge?’

‘Enough! Stop! No thank you.’

Replacing judgments with loving kindness for self
‘May I be happy, may I be free from suffering’

Compassion for the judge
Empathy for the judge and the pain it comes from