The Gift Of Being Present

‘Close your eyes, notice your thoughts, notice the moments between those thoughts. You are truly present in the moment between your thoughts.’ 

The gift of being present: right here, right now

Have you ever been physically somewhere but your mind is somewhere else? Do you find yourself in a conversation when you aren’t really listening because you’re thinking of something else?

We all do it. And when we notice that it’s happening we can choose not to.

Imagine being able to be fully in the moment that you are in, fully with the person that you are with, fully involved in listening to what is being said, fully engaged JUST in the moment that you find yourself in.

This is called being present, It is both a gift to yourself and a powerful tool of leadership that increases your capacity to have an effect.

Being Present As A Leader

When you allow yourself to be soley and fully in the moment that you are in, you open yourself up fully to yourself and others. That means you truly show up as 100% you.

That’s because when you’re present, you access all three doorways of intelligence available to you, your mind, your body and your heart.

The result? You see the others more, what they say is clearer, you are able to have stronger connections with them, you notice your true feelings, thoughts and reactions. And you become practiced at responding from an authentic place that is informed by all three doorways of intelligence, the mind, the body, the heart.

So start to treat yourself with the daily gift of being present.

Here’s how ….

How to Practice Being Present

Sit in silence, centre yourself (body), notice your thoughts (mind), name them , touch your heart (heart) and notice what the combined state is – do this three times a week.

Through the mind

  • Sit – note your mental activity, mood, sensation, stillness, attachments, aversions.
  • Name it. Say what is happening for you – then go back to the deep breath
  • Observe the habits, the patterns you have and become more aware of them.
  • Let go of any attachment or aversion

Through the body

  • Physically centre yourself, feel balanced and grounded.
  • Scan your body, notice any part that is tense or uncentered, then relax it.
  • Notice the distinction between what you are observing and sensing.
  • Name where in your body you hold your core inner strength.

Through the heart

  • Find compassion for others
  • Pause, touch your heart, then speak.
  • Practice showing gratitude to others, giving positive feedback
  • Connect with others through the heart

5 implications of being present

  • A larger context is revealed to us
  • We unveil new possibilities for action
  • We are faced by our freedom to choose
  • We can invite and are open to invitation
  • We open ourselves to fulfilment

6 effects of being present on leadership

  • Agility
  • Accountability
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Authenticity
  • Vitality