Whilst we believe that everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary results in their life and career how many people actually do so? How many of your people tap into their true potential? And if they did, can you imagine what this would do for your business? The word ‘inspire’ literally means to ‘breathe life’ and there are times when we all need some support to help us grow and develop. At Alquemy we are passionate about helping people re-discover their inspiration to consistently be and perform as their best selves in everything they do.


An Alquemy workshop
What do you need for this to happen?

The right environment

Our approach works best as a residential experience over a number of days in a peaceful and serene environment such as our beautiful manor house, set in tranquil Somerset countryside. The powerful results that emerge from this immersive experience with a small group of people in a safe and supportive surrounding are unlikely to be achieved in more conventional and traditional learning and development settings.

The right support

Within this nurturing environment, participants are fully supported by coaches experienced in helping people become personally empowered to bring about the changes they want in their life and work. We tailor our programmes to find the right blend of personal reflection time, one to one coaching and working together as a small learning community to meet the needs of every individual participant.

The Invitation

In this age of disruption, when the world seems increasingly volatile and complex and the speed of change is so fast, we believe many people are experiencing an underlying anxiety or sense of vulnerability about what they really want in life and how the future will impact on them. This frequently manifests in people feeling dissatisfied, demotivated and disengaged in their life and work and has a consequential detrimental impact on their contribution to, and performance in, their business and career  

The fundamental questions that many people ask themselves - ‘what do I want and where am I going?’ – often remain unanswered amongst the day to day pressures and demands of life. Few take the time or create the opportunity to get off their daily treadmill to reflect and re-set their direction and goal and as a result continue to find many aspects of life dissatisfying and unfulfilling.  

Although decades of scientific research show that engaged employees perform better than their disengaged counterparts, disengagement is a worldwide epidemic. For more than 10 years, surveys have indicated that no less than 70% of the global workforce is either not engaged or actively disengaged’ Management Today July 2014.  

At Alquemy, we offer an opportunity for busy people to press the pause button in life and step out of their everyday experience into a tranquil and peaceful space where they can reflect and re-engage with themselves. This allows them to get real clarity about what is most important to them and what they really want. Supported by one to one coaching both before and after attending the retreat, participants build their own personal ‘empower map’ to direct and guide them to achieving their aspirations.

The benefits to businesses are significant. People who work with us likely to:

  • Be more engaged
  • Have more self-motivation
  • Perform better and be more productive
  • Have a greater sense of ease and well-being
  • Be more creative and innovative
  • Feel more personally fulfilled
  • Be more committed to the business or realise they are not committed and it is in everyone’s interests that they move on.

Purposeful companies will understand how providing appropriate developmental opportunities is good for business, resulting in

  • more engaged, motivated, creative, innovative and loyal people who show up at work as their ‘best self’
  • an enhanced reputation as an employer of choice who invests in their people
  • a greater ability to attract and retain talented people
  • key employees who are influential positive change agents in the business

An Alquemy Empowering Change programme can help businesses:

  • identify future leaders to act as role models
  • provide developmental opportunities for under-represented groups
  • enhance their brand as employers of choice
  • ensure sustainable success
  • change and shape their culture
  • help businesses support employees/partners exiting the business leave well – retirement, out-placement, new opportunities

We would love to have a conversation with you about the challenges you face to inspire your people to be the best they can be.