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Dare to be the hero of your own life

We all hear stories of the hero’s journey. In news feeds, films and fiction we are inspired by the actions of men and women who transcend their everyday existence and step into life beyond their comfort zone – a territory requiring courage, resilience and an openness to change. 

But most of us think these stories apply to ‘other people’ and that we are anything but daring or brave. The invitation to become our heroic, authentic self may not feel relevant or perhaps even paralyse us and we may have no sense of the possibility of making conscious choices to create the most satisfying and fulfilled life for ourselves.

What would it mean to you to be fully inhabiting your life? To be present to, connected with and aware of each moment? We are often under relentless pressure and exposed to so many stresses on a daily basis that we don’t feel that we are in control or able to take the time to contemplate and explore the question, ‘Is this the life I really want to be living?’.  This often manifests as a sensation of unease or inner tension that there must be more to life than we are actually experiencing. 

As an antidote, we may buy a new car, renew our gym subscription or invest in an exotic holiday. Whilst this can give us temporary pleasure it’s like applying a band-aid to a systemic physical problem; very soon the same anxieties, concerns and dissatisfactions return. Life continues at a headlong pace and so do we, often in the process staying in a career that someone else wanted us to do; constantly trying to please parents, partners and bosses; seeking to keep materially safe – and forgetting our deepest dreams and highest aspirations. And in this we lose sight of our own essence and of who we truly are.

The invitation

If we reach 85 years of age we will have experienced a little over 31,000 days of life.  How many of those days do you think you will have given to the development of your own wellbeing, nourishment and happiness?  We willingly spend time and money on mastering new skills, sports and hobbies but not many think to invest in learning how to internally navigate the uncertainties of life with grounded awareness and how to create successful and wholehearted outcomes.

Here at Alquemy, we are dedicated to providing a tranquil, nurturing environment where you will be supported by experienced facilitators who will act as guides and thinking partners on your personal, inner journey. You could choose to spend 10 hours individually with a life coach or instead spend the same money on a weekend with Alquemy where you will receive over 20 hours of personal coaching and a powerful group experience. Give us three days and you can transform the rest of the days of your life.

If you have read this far and it has resonated with you, we invite you to speak to us about our residential programmes.

Be inspired.

Be a hero.