Whilst many of us believe that skilled and focused people working together as a team are capable of achieving extraordinary results, how many teams actually do so? Do you manage, or are you part of a team, where you see ineffective communication, a lack of trust, clashes, unresolved conflicts and stuck patterns of unhelpful, or even damaging, attitudes and behaviour? If you could successfully address this can you imagine what it would do for your business? At Alquemy we are passionate about helping teams discover and experience what it takes to consciously and consistently work well together, achieve the extraordinary and perform as their best selves in everything they do.


An Alquemy workshop
What do you need for this to happen?

The right environment

Our approach works best as a residential experience over a number of days in a peaceful and serene environment such as our beautiful manor house, set in tranquil Somerset countryside. The powerful results that emerge from this immersive experience with a small group of people in a safe and supportive surrounding are unlikely to be achieved in more conventional and traditional learning and development settings.

The right support

Within this nurturing environment, participants are fully supported by coaches experienced in helping teams bring about the changes they want. We tailor our programmes to find the right blend of personal reflection time, one to one coaching and working together as a learning community to meet both the needs of the whole team as well as every individual participant.

The Invitation

In this age of disruption, when the world seems increasingly volatile and complex and the speed of change is so fast, it has never been more important for people to have the ability to work collaboratively, constructively and creatively for the good of all and for a common purpose. Success in business – as in life – is increasingly seen as being dependant on two things – firstly, being able to build and sustain positive and effective relationships with others and, secondly, having a clear sense of purpose.

At Alquemy, we believe the businesses and organisations that create a sense of purposeful community in their teams, so that the sum of the whole is greater than the part each individual plays, are likely to be those that make the biggest positive impact in the world and achieve consistently sustainable results.

Skills such as personal awareness, emotional intelligence, good communication, empathy, negotiation, people management and collaborating with others are now considered to be the skills you and your team need to thrive. Is this what you consistently see in your team?  

Or do you experience any of these:

  • Ineffective or confusing communication
  • Poor or toxic communicating behaviours
  • Low team morale
  • A disengaged and demotivated team
  • Low creativity or poor productivity
  • Conflict avoidance or poor conflict resolution

Many teams focus almost entirely on what is visible – plans, goals, processes, performance, structure – and pay little attention to what is less visible such as differences in beliefs, assumptions, perceptions and styles. Whilst these can’t be seen, their presence can often be powerfully felt in relationship issues and patterns of behaviour.

Likewise, in the drive to perform, to fix problems and reach objectives, many teams focus on tasks and pay little attention to their purpose. But is achieving a task the real purpose of the team? A clear and compelling purpose is the glue that binds together a group of individuals – the foundation on which the collective ‘we’ is built and the source of meaning and significance people seek in work.

Our approach is focused on helping groups and teams discover or refresh their purpose and then to work directly with the relationships that form between the individuals in a group. This creates sustainable and resilient teams.

We provide an opportunity for busy people and teams to press the pause button and step out of their everyday experience into a tranquil and harmonious space where they can reflect and re-engage with themselves and others. This allows them to get real clarity about their purpose, what they want to achieve and how to work with each other in a life-enhancing way in order to achieve extraordinary results.

We tailor our approach to fit your team’s needs and issues and would be delighted to explore these with you.