What a beautiful place to reflect on life. Time to slow down, stop and think. Thinking time is a fantastic and valuable way to learn and grow. Positive, kind, happy energy is abundant. A gorgeous environment to visit for your mind, body and soul. You will find the core of who you are and the dreams you may well choose to follow.

Polly Heatley Ceramic Artist and Teacher

I thought the weekend was really superb and life enhancing and came back feeling very energised, balanced and clear-headed. This feeling endured through the very intense and long hours couple of weeks at work, which speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the workshop. You and Ivor know how to create a space for self-expression and communication that is unique in my experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality, expert coaching, listening, support and insight.

Patrick Cadell International Technology Lawyer

I had a certain amount of hesitation and trepidation as I hadn't done a development course for about 25 years! I decided to enrol on the next available programme and from the moment I arrived to when I left I had the most amazing journey with carefully and sensitively constructed content that allowed the facilitators to adapt the course to my individual needs. The workshop allowed me to unravel some seriously clogged thoughts and it has really helped me going forwards. I can thoroughly recommend the course and the experience.

Dom Thyer Director, Linum Furniture

The weekend workshop was amazing. It came along at exactly the right time for me. When I signed up I was in a real mid-life funk, life felt very 'blurgh', but since attending the workshop everything feels and is different. I'm different. Over three short and wonderfully intense days my aspirations became crystal clear and I now feel so much more alive and on track. The care, support, encouragement, advice and time that the coaches gave me have been invaluable. I use the tools they taught me every single day. I now feel I work with a clearer sense of purpose and direction, and if I falter I have, in the Empower Map and the work we did on the course, a touchstone that brings me back to centre. It's wonderful. I also met some seriously cool, brave and inspiring people in my fellow workshop attendees. Bonus! Do I recommend this workshop? Absolutely!

Carol Hughes Writer

An epic 3 days of reflection and adventuring in the inner world of me. I feel zen and clear and ready to put the adventure into reality. I found my inner presence.

Helen M Head of Delivery, MoJ Digital

A rare opportunity in a busy life to reflect in depth upon past, present and future and to plot a path towards one's most heartfelt dreams and aspirations. All delivered in a safe and comfortable environment with experienced and inspiring coaches. Highly recommended!

Mark Dillon Legal Director, NHS Supply Chain

Great concept, great facilitation, great venue, great outcomes. I really enjoyed the workshop and am still reaping the benefits of the experience, applying both the tools and the learnings to all areas of my life. Not a life changing outcome for me, more of an increased sense of purpose and confidence in following my instincts.

Liz C Ministry of Justice

The workshop raised many helpful questions and challenges AND provided powerful tools to help me work through these questions and challenges, in my case enhancing my focus and nurturing (my) creativity. Weeks afterwards I am still buzzing from the shared experiences and deepened self-knowledge. Looking forward to my next Empowering Change event.

Gareth Jones records, produces, mixes and makes Music and Noise

This workshop has really helped me move into a new phase of life, and let go the old, and clarify the direction to move into and how to make my dreams come true in a highly practical way.

Patrick Holford Nutritionist and Author

The workshop very effectively created a place of safety, which allowed for the meaningful communication of very personally sensitive topics. I am very excited that I have arrived at a time where I am planning a fully developed way of achieving the most important personal aspirations. The coaching that Diana has provided since the course has enabled me to develop my ideas very fully with regular time for reflection. Diana has been a great inspiration and support combining a really positive energetic style with a great ability to listen and provide acute insight.

Patrick Cadell International Technology Lawyer

The trust and openness displayed by the facilitators was a great modeling for creating the container of safety, trust and honesty. The desire to learn in the serenity and beauty of the house was infectious. It felt like a truly non-judgmental environment and none of the facilitators fell into the trap of 'telling', but created the space for exploring and reflection; our outcomes were our own.

Catherine Thomson Managing Partner at The Houston Exchange

An invaluable life-changing workshop. Experienced, warm, professional, kind, friendly and caring facilitators provided a space and schedule which easily and happily brought out the buried, hidden real me. The three days spent with the team have been the best three days I've spent in decades. My colleagues and friends are in awe of the positive professional and personal changes I returned with. I'd like to go back and do it all over again so I can savour every moment.

Sajida Kosar General Manager, TheTin Limited

I found the program very beneficial and impactful. The materials, tools and processes were expertly facilitated by the course leaders. I'd highly recommend this program.

Noel Dillane IT Director, MNC