Empowering Change

March 2019 Apply
Two night residential workshop
  • Date:
    4:00 pm Friday 22 March to 5:00 pm Sunday 24 March 2019
  • Location:
    Country House venue in the West Country
  • Guides:
    Diana, Ivor, Richard
  • Participants:
    This workshop is limited to 6 places
  • Cost:
    £1245.00 (plus VAT) inclusive of all materials, food and accommodation and two additional 1 hour coaching sessions, one before and one after the workshop.

Empowering Change

For individuals: starting to bring positive change into your life

We all face times in our lives when we need to step back and take a fresh perspective on where we are. Sometimes that leads to making changes and setting a new direction. Are you at one of these turning points? Are you asking, “What now, what next?” The Alquemy Empowering Change workshop offers you the opportunity to:

  • Invest in yourself to secure a more fulfilling life
  • Give yourself a special weekend to discover how you can shape your future
  • Create new choices and possibilities and explore new directions

The purpose of the Empowering Change workshop is to help people make a shift and open to a new path or a new way of living their life with more meaning.

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Space for reflection
Community for conversation
Community for conversation
Personal coaching to develop awareness
Personal coaching to develop awareness

The challenge

Our workshops are aimed at helping you identify, navigate and manage change through a process we call conscious transition. We are here to help individuals to be empowered to make decisions about their future. The empowered individual has the capability to influence and affect the outcomes of events and change perceptions.

Nurturing Environment

It is important to us to create a nurturing environment in which people can feel safe to share new experiences and explore their highest potential. If you haven’t yet done one of our workshops, the place to start is an Empowering Change workshop and then follow up with a Conscious Transition workshop.

  • An opportunity to explore and experience a range of practices to support you in your personal journey and help you connect with your intuition
  • Space for reflection and community for conversation
  • Personal coaching to develop awareness, explore new directions and accelerate change

Participants will be part of a small group working with professional guides as well as being supported individually at every stage of an experiential and interactive workshop.

The workshop raised many helpful questions and challenges AND provided powerful tools to help me work through these questions and challenges, in my case enhancing my focus and nurturing (my) creativity. Weeks afterwards I am still buzzing from the shared experiences and deepened self-knowledge. Looking forward to my next Empowering Change event.
Gareth Jones
records, produces, mixes and makes Music and Noise

Your Guides for this Workshop

professional facilitators and coaches
Diana Blanchard

Diana creates a welcoming, warm and safe space that supports clients as they undertake personal exploration of their lives. She is an experienced coach and facilitator trained in Voice Dialogue, the EmpowerMAP and Theory U process work – all powerful approaches for helping people make positive changes. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner. Previously, Diana was the MD of an international interior design studio and has experienced the challenges of running a business.

Diana Blanchard

Ivor Twydell

Ivor has a warm and calming presence creating an environment that allows for insight, understanding, support and challenge. Until 2012, he was one of the UK’s most senior Police Officers responsible for diffusing major hostage situations and leading the response to significant emergencies, including terrorist incidents. Now an experienced and highly qualified leadership coach and mindfulness teacher, he works intuitively with his clients so they can find greater self-awareness and choice in their lives.

Ivor Twydell

Richard Mott

Richard is an insightful and intuitive guide and has mentored senior executives for the last 10 years. Prior to that he founded, ran and eventually sold a highly-respected creative consulting business where for 25 years he worked as a business strategy consultant to a range of well-known organisations. He coaches business leadership teams and is the author of a book called Holistic Business, Living in 3D. He also teaches Tai Chi and practises energy rebalancing and massage.

Richard Mott