Alquemy residential workshops take place in the UK and at a variety of overseas locations. It is important to us to create a nurturing environment in which people can feel safe to share new experiences and explore their highest potential. Personal development workshops are listed below and the different types of workshop are described further down the page. If you haven’t yet done one of our workshops, the place to start is Empowering Change and then follow up with Conscious Transition.


September 2018: Empowering Change 3-day residential workshop
11.00 am Friday 28 Sept to 5.00 pm Sunday 30 Sept 2018
at our Country House venue in the West Country [Guides: Ivor, Diana, Richard]

November 2018: Empowering Change 3-day residential workshop
11.00 am Friday 23 Nov to 5.00 pm Sunday 25 Nov 2018
at our Country House venue in the West Country [Guides: Ivor, Diana, Richard]

Our workshops are aimed at helping you identify, navigate and manage change through a process we call conscious transition. We are here to help individuals to be empowered to make decisions about their future. The empowered individual has the capability to influence and affect the outcomes of events and change perceptions.

Residential workshops last between 2 and 5 days, depending on content and location, and include:

An opportunity to explore and experience a range of practices to support you in your personal journey and help you connect with your intuition
Space for reflection and community for conversation
Personal coaching to develop awareness, explore new directions and accelerate change

Participants will be part of a small group working with professional guides as well as being supported individually at every stage of an experiential and interactive workshop.

Empowering Change

Workshops for individuals: starting to bring positive change into your life

We all face times in our lives when we need to step back and take a fresh perspective on where we are. Sometimes that leads to making changes and setting a new direction. Are you at one of these turning points? Are you asking, “What now, what next?”

Do you want to explore new directions and find a new path in life?
Do you want to discover what the next phase might bring?
Do you want to create new choices and possibilities?

The purpose of the Empowering Change workshop is to help people make a shift and open to a new path or a new way of living their life with more meaning. This is a 3-day workshop with one Guide for every two participants plus two coaching sessions (one before and one after the workshop) and costs £1500 including accommodation.

Conscious Transition

Workshops for individuals: following up and exploring further

Once you have started on the path of changing your life you will probably want to carry on and, to help you maintain momentum, we run follow up workshops where we use a number of different techniques to explore your potential.

How does your mind block you from changing your life?
How can you reframe your picture of a situation and resolve it?
How can you use the positive energy in a group to support your shift?

The purpose of the Conscious Transition workshop is to help people go deeper into themselves and their potential. This is a 2-day workshop and costs £750 including accommodation.

Stepping Out

Corporate sponsored workshops: helping people make the jump to the next phase

You may be leaving a job that you have had for a long time and wondering what next. We offer tailored programmes to help people engage with a new future.

How do you find your feet in a new context?
How do you maximise your personal power and strength?
How can you learn how to stay positive in the face of change?

The purpose of the Stepping Out workshop is to help organisations support people as they are leaving so that they can work out how to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Workshop dates will be arranged with the commissioning organisation. This is a 3 day programme with one Guide for every two participants plus four coaching sessions (one before and three after the workshop) and costs £2500.